The College-Bound Parent

Preparation Mini Series 

It's Your Turn!!

Students will receive a lot of information to prepare them for their upcoming college experience. However, how are you, the parent, preparing for the process? 

Let me navigate you through all the fluff and give you exactly what parents need to know about the college preparatory journey.  


Many parents know the importance of a college education, but either went to college many years ago or did not go at all. They are struggling to guide their child through the process because they themselves have to become familiar with it. In many families, that leaves the student to navigate the process for both themselves and their parent(s).


Parents are having a difficult time knowing where to begin. The parents I help with typically fall into one of these three categories:

  • I have a high school senior and we are in an emergency situation planning for their college education.

  • I'm pretty informed about the process and I'm looking for a couple of tips to help fund my child's education.

  • I haven't been to college in forever and I don't know how things work now. I'd like to start a program that can guide my child through the entire college prep process. 


If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, the College-Bound Parent Preparation Mini Series is for you!


Listen, I get it... you're busy! You're a parent, you have competing obligations and you are juggling a million things. On top of that, a major transition is looming... soon your child will transition from a high school student to a college student. That's where I come in. I'm an educational consultant and an award-winning education author. Also, it doesn't hurt that I started my career as a college recruiter. To put it simply, I am a professional at guiding students to and through college.


I understand a busy parent just doesn’t have time to complete a full college readiness workbook alongside their child(ren). So I created a five-part mini series for the college-bound parent that will directly guide you through the highlights of what you need know to help prepare yourself, your child, and your household for the upcoming life transition. This series is designed with you, the busy parent, in mind. The parent's mini series is comprised of the following visual presentations, with each having a corresponding parent guidebook.

Presentations are only $20 each!


"My younger brother Niles completed the student series each year of high school. I completed the Parent's Mini Series. He is going to Morehouse on a full-tuition scholarship!"

- Jacquetta L.

"I'm so thankful for the Parent's Mini Series. I was totally prepared for what was to come when my daughter graduated. Now, I'm starting earlier with my son for his college prep journey."

- Tammy M.

"The Parent's Mini Series really help me understand what I needed to know for Madison. I recommend this series to any parent of high school-aged students going to college.

- Stacey J.

The Parent Guidebook

Each College-Bound Parent Mini Series visual presentation is accompanied by a downloadable Parent College Preparation Guidebook. The parent guidebooks are designed for you to centralize pertinent information while building a college preparatory plan of your own. Upon completion of each Parent College Preparation Guidebook, you will have a custom blueprint to follow as your child progresses towards matriculating out of high school and into college.

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