Workbook Descriptions

The college admissions process can seem overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be intimidating if students have a strategic plan. The College Readiness 101 Workbook Series will allow high school students to design a strategy for college acceptance specific to what they want their college experience to be.  Students will be challenged to take a good look at themselves and build a college readiness plan for their remaining high school career. This workbook is designed to equip students to successfully matriculate through high school and transition into college-bound students by exposing them to major concepts covering college readiness, college acceptance, and college life.

A Workbook For The High School Freshman

The freshman workbook of the series is designed to introduce college and career readiness activities to the newest bunch at school. Freshmen are bombarded with information as they transition to successful high school students. This workbook will allow students to compartmentalize aspects of post-secondary education into a singular plan. Freshmen will also receive tips on successful matriculation through high school, with a preparation tool for each grade. Major highlights of the freshman workbook are:

  • Differences between middle school and high school

  • Activities and tasks to complete throughout the freshman year

  • Understanding how colleges work

  • Identifying different types of colleges 

  • Connecting programs of study to careers

  • Study skills & preparing for future grade levels

A Workbook For The High School Sophomore

The sophomore workbook creates opportunities for students to consider options for after high school. They will begin to explore the different types of colleges and the reasons they may choose each.  Students will also look at any concerns from last year and create plans for the all-important junior year. Major highlights of the sophomore workbook are:

  • Creating a strong student profile

  • An introduction to financial aid

  • Goal setting and activity prioritizing

  • S.T.E.M. courses and careers

  • Building a college and career plan

A Workbook For The High School Junior

The junior workbook will guide students through he process of thinking in a exploratory nature to begin focusing on serious options. This year is considered the most important year because it generally holds the most difficult classes and students will begin applying to college with transcripts from the junior year. Major highlights from the junior workbook are:

  • How to strategically choose a college and major

  • Connecting with college recruiters

  • College fair and visit do's & don'ts

  • Exploring funding options 

  • Comparing the SAT and ACT  

  • The importance of social media while applying to college​

A Workbook For The High School Senior

The senior workbook will lead students through the college application and admissions process as they prepare to transition from secondary education to post-secondary education. Students will compare their top college choices and select the best institution based on their needs. Major highlights from the senior workbook are:

  • Completing admissions applications 

  • Applying for financial aid and other funding options

  • Exploring high demand careers 

  • Understanding what happens after college acceptance 

  • Identifying common college student money mistakes

  • Comparing final college options